Thursday, 8 January 2009

2008 OTN Awards: Part 5

Here we are: Part 5! Wow, it seemed like such a good idea at the time. The next time I try to do something in five parts, just remind me that it's five times as much work, not the same work divided by five. Anyway, let's crack on...

Quote Of The Year Award

It couldn't be anything else. "I am different from you." Fukuda Yasuo's timeless snort of derision towards a particularly rude member of the press at his resignation press conference spawned a rather exhaustive line of merchandise and even a few tasty remixes.

If only Fukuda had said something like this before deciding to resign. He would still have had to resign, but he could have got at least another week out of the brief surge of minor popularity. 

The Osu! Tatakae! Nippon! Grand Prix:
Icon Of 2008 Award!

This coveted award goes to the Shibuya Monkey! Congratulations, Monkey!

First seen on the 20th of August in Shibuya Station, "terrorizing" commuters, and sighted an additional four times, the monkey has yet to make an appearance since the 12th of November. Police and "experts" speculated that it got into central Tokyo by hitching a train ride, and significantly the monkey seems to be staying inside the Yamanote Line, as noted in Let's Japan's monkey-tracking campaign.

We hope the monkey survives the winter, and look forward to seeing it in 2009! Of course, I'll be sure to keep you fully updated if he is sighted, whether you like it or not.


Christina Martin said...

Really enjoying the blog.
The Shibuya monkey made me smile. Wish I'd seen it whilst there.
I'm reading this book at the moment and it's making me want to go back so badly: