Friday, 10 July 2009

Debt Will Eat Me Alive (Also A Woman Was Burnt)

Having recently found out how much debt I'm currently in from my student loan (£32,000, or $51,823, or 4.8 million yen), I can sympathise with people being made redundant. Although, the economy will stabilise and they'll find jobs again, and at least they've all got experience and viable qualifications. This £32,000 is going to hang around my neck til I die, because there's no way in hell I can pay it off. Surely there's someone in the world looking to employ a Comparative Literature graduate? Seriously, I can compare the shit out of things.

Anyway. Fuji TV have reported how some crazy woman set a job-agency office-worker on fire because she couldn't find her a job. The psycho doused her with gasoline and then ignited her. And as if telling us wasn't good enough, Fuji TV then show us what a plastic bottle of gasoline might look like, then show us a lighter. And for those of us that still don't get it, they then do a CGI re-enactment. They also show the spot where she was set alight over and over again, as if by looking at it often enough we'll get some kind of clairvoyant flashback of the actual incident. This is a news story in which every person featured failed at their job.

Video via Japan Probe

The job-agency worker couldn't get a client a job. The psycho-woman got fired from her job in the first place. And Fuji TV are just shit. I could do any of those jobs! Or at least not do them any worse than these people. Somebody hire me! ...Please?