Friday, 15 April 2011

Sofia News Is This Season's Vernon Wells

Japan is considering whether to change its capital city to either Osaka or Nagoya, according to this article from the Sofia News Agency. I'm not going to say that that article is clearly bullshit, but I am going to heavily imply it.

It's a story which I cannot corroborate from any non-Sofia sources, even five pages into multiple Google searches. That's strike one against it. Sofia News also provide no direct citations. Strike two. The only source it briefly mentions is ITAR-TASS. As we all know, ITAR-TASS is the Russian state-media, and an extensive search of their news site couldn't corroborate the story. Strike three. And everything attributed to the 'experts' (who are unsourced) is the purest speculation, the accompanying photo is irrelevant and it's poorly written. So after striking out the ball went in the dirt and Sofia News broke for first, got thrown out there, then tripped over the base and faceplanted, breaking their nose.

Stop swinging at balls you can't hit, Sofia.