Monday, 8 September 2008

Death, Death All Around

Anyone in Japan eating rice or drinking shochu is fucked. I think we can safely say that's everyone.

Mikasa Foods have "sold about 700 tons of mold-tainted rice after mixing it with regular foreign rice over the past five years". One source claims that the "Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries is aware of the incident and is quickly trying to identify the clients to which Mikasa Foods sold the contaminated rice". Which is merely an understated way of saying, "Teh Gubberment am FREAKING OUT!"

Mikasa sold 743 tonnes of moldy rice to various companies, six of which were alcohol companies. 145 of those 743 tonnes contained high levels of Aflatoxin B1. If anyone can find out what Aflatoxin B1 is then tell me, cos right now I'm just telling people it turns them into zombies. Another 598 tonnes had three times the legal limit of Acetamiprid, a pesticide, that probably eats your babies.

Nishi Shuzo, a shochu company in Kagoshima have had to recall 300,000 bottles. A Nishi Shuzo spokesman said today, "In a way, we're also victims. We're filled with anger over the actions of Mikasa Foods". Which is merely an understated way of saying, "Aaaargh! Aaaaaaaarrrggggh!"