Saturday, 20 September 2008

¥200,000 For Living In An Area You Chose In The First Place

A man who lives next to a funeral home wants money because he lives next to a funeral home. The unnamed litigious bastard from Kyoto has sued the funeral home for ¥200,000 and the District Court has ruled that they need to raise the height of their fence to three metres. All this because he claims that the sight of coffins has disturbed his "spiritual calm". Even if there were such a definable thing as "spiritual calm", I don't see how it could be disturbed by merely seeing coffins. It's not like they were parading the corpses through the street, attaching strings to their limbs and making them dance to brass-band hits. What the hell is the legal definition of "spiritual calm"? The shameless chancer told the court that he "can't laugh, and [has] to live behind closed curtains". What.