Monday, 23 February 2009

Anti-Whalers Get Boarded (Warning: This Post Contains Mild Profanity)

I usually don't do this, I usually let the subtext speak for itself. But I've had a few messages about this post from people who clearly don't get it so I'm going to explain the point of it, and this is very much a one-off.

I am very anti-whaling. I believe the "research" excuse is at best transparent and at worst insulting. Even if the whaling going on was research-based, I still think that no-one has cause to be conducting any research on endangered animals that involves killing them.

Having said that, I am also against throwing acid in people's faces and ramming sailing vessels, and both of those are criminal acts that the Sea Shepherd "Conservation" Society are guilty of. Violence is not a solution to the problem, and the sheer smugness of the SS"C"S as it assaults and lies its way through the issue is utterly reprehensible and viscerally sickening.

There are procedures in place to deal with these sorts of things. Violence only demonstrates a lack of empathy and imagination, and ultimately it diminishes us all.

The self-righteous, militant cocksuckers at the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society have had their flagship, the Steve Irwin (that's its actual name - feel the anger!), boarded by the Australian authorities when they docked this weekend.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is famous for attacking the crew of a Japanese research vessel with acid, twice, ramming another vessel (video below), and generally being a bunch of mindless, violent, knuckle-dragging fucknuts.

Is this how you solve all your problems, you backwards, turd-gurgling ass-masters?

The Steve *spit* Irwin was boarded by Australian police, who had a warrant to seize "all edited and raw video footage, all edited and raw audio recordings, all still photographs, producer's notes, interview transcripts, production meeting minutes, post production meeting minutes as well as the ship's log books, global positioning system records, automatic radar plotting aid, purchase records, receipts, financial transaction records, voyage information and navigational plotted charts." The Sea Shepherd Wankathon Society had the gall to claim that this was because the Japanese government was embarrassed by their series, Whale Wars. But it actually had more to do with them being belligerent, brain-dead bastards with absolutely no sense of propriety.

So called "Captain" Paul Watson, who once claimed to have been shot by the crew of a Japanese whaling ship, said that the Japanese government applied "diplomatic pressure" to get the Australian government to board the Steve *spit* Irwin. He added that,

The Rudd government was elected on a promise to take the Japanese whaling industry to court for their illegal whaling activities. Now they seem to be more interested in taking Sea Shepherd to court for our efforts to intervene against illegal whaling operations.

I really don't think the Rudd government was elected because of Japanese whaling. Ask any Rudd supporter, I think you'll find whaling had very little to do with their voting decision. And even if Japan was illegally hunting whales, that doesn't give the Sea Shepherd Dick-Swinging Society the right to throw acid at people or ram other ships.

These guys are primeval, circle-jerking, grade-A motherfuckers. Being boarded is nothing, they deserve to be locked up.

Paul Watson concludes that "If need be we will be in court to answer to charges of defending endangered whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary and to this we proudly plead guilty." Go suck an exhaust pipe, Watson, you sanctimonious, braying fucktard.


Shark Diver said...

Sea Shepherd on MSN NZ fabricating whale saving news?