Tuesday, 3 February 2009


You know what origami is, obviously. It's what happens when bored people start farting around, folding bits of paper trying to make them look like animals, and generally only succeeding in making them look like folded bits of paper. Famously, folding 1000 cranes is supposed to be lucky. Of course if you put the time you spent folding stupid tiny cranes into just crunching the statistics, you'd stand far more of a chance of winning the lottery. Namely, no chance whatsoever.

But you're wrong to be so dismissive of origami - not all of it is complete rubbish. I've found some videos of people on the internet (traditionally the most bored people in the world) making some quite astounding things out of sheets of ordinary paper. Things that might bring out the excitable geek in you, if you haven't yet crushed that geek, and that ability to become excited, in back-episodes of Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps. Here are those videos.

That's right. It's Evangelion Unit 01. From a piece of paper.

A wild Pikachu attacked!

More Pokemon: Squirtle

Actually there are loads of Pokemon origami videos on YouTube: Palkia

This has loads of good work, but no step-by-step instructions on any of them. Also, mute the video before you hit play - the music's fucking execrable. And the last 30 seconds or so are taken up by what I'm guessing is a joke from Mr. "tinhyeusetdanh" on YouTube.

Make 1000 Palkias, then you'll have my respect.


Sly said...

Haha. If you get into Origami and make a thousand cranes, then I'll pay you £50 for them. No joke.

Oh, by the way, forgot to answer your comment about the victory of blu-ray a while ago. Blu-ray has been recognised as the new official format for the video industry. HD failed. Lol.