Sunday, 8 February 2009

Sapporo's 60th Annual SnowFest

The 60th Sapporo Snow Festival is almost over. Here are a few pictures of this year's sculptures in Odori Park.

The 60th Sapporo Snow Festival #7
2008 Olympic Gold Medalist Swimmer, Kosuke Kitajima (photo by Sasakei)

The 60th Sapporo Snow Festival #4
Namdaemun (photo by Sasakei)

Getting for Sapporo Snow Festival 2009
A Kickass Building (photo by Moontears)

Hammamatsu Castle (photo from here)

And finally, this year's Miss Sapporo:

It's almost over so I'm not sure this'll be worth it, but click here for a live video-feed of the festival.


Christina Martin said...

I've had various pictures of the festival as my desktop background this week.
This is the current one:

Max Felicitous said...

That's a great picture.