Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Any Objections?

There were four things that made the Summer Of Love '07 possible for me: the Crisis Team, a student loan, an absolute disregard for university attendance regulations, and DS games. One game I'll forever associate with that summer is Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

In the Ace Attorney games you play an attorney. An ace one. You're hired to defend innocent people from being convicted by a criminal justice system that, quite frankly, takes the piss. The judge is a moron, and your client is almost always assumed to be guilty, immediately putting you on the back foot. You investigate crime scenes and present evidence, and hopefully outmanoeuvre the prosecutor and uncover the real criminal. All of which gives you absolutely no idea how brilliant the games are; I only write it in the hope that it'll go a little way to explaining this video:

You see, an all-female theatre troupe called 'Takarazuka' have made a musical out of the Phoenix Wright games. I don't know whether I think this whole venture is ludicrous, or whether it's the height of genius. It's so lame, but it's so amazing. I guess it's what Olli Rose would call 'lamazing'.