Tuesday, 24 February 2009

The Great Sasuke Having Battle-Flashbacks

Former wrestler The Great Sasuke (aka Murakawa Masanori) was arrested for assaulting a man on a train last week. The man was photographing The Great Sasuke with his mobile phone on a train in Tokyo, so The Great Sasuke picked him up by his collar and kicked him in the knee. And then threw him into the train door.

He is quoted as saying, "Even I have a right to protect my image. I admit to jostling with him, but I don't remember assaulting him." Of course, The Great Sasuke cracked his skull twice in his wrestling career, so maybe he really doesn't remember assaulting the commuter.

In 2003, The Great Sasuke was elected to the assembly of his home prefecture, Iwate. He caused controversy by refusing to take his butterfly mask off, even during assembly meetings. The Governor of Iwata issued an order obliging him to take off his mask, which The Great Sasuke fought against for two months. Finally it was put to a vote and the other assembly members overturned the Governor's order.

He's not been in office since 2007, but he still refuses to remove his mask in public. I think it would be fair to say those skull cracks really haven't healed properly.


JoJo said...

I think all politicians should be allowed to wear customised headgear along with their formal suits. It's only fair.