Wednesday, 11 March 2009

The Curse Of The Colonel Has Been Broken!

Oh my fucking god. Just one week after I wrote on here about the Curse Of The Colonel in Hanshin Tigers history, they've gone and found the statue. 24 years it's been in the Dotonbori River. And now it's back. The Curse is over!

The statue was found by construction workers during their preparation for laying a pavement along the river. This year the Hanshin Tigers won't be able to lose the Central League, and won't have any excuses for not winning the Japan Series. It's got to happen. Everyone expects it now. I'd put money on them winning this year but the bookmakers are probably going to give stupid odds in their favour so it might not be worth it.

Although, technically they only found half of him because his hands and legs are missing. Does this mean the Tigers are only going to win half their games? I'm not sure how these curses work. Can someone give me a ruling on this? And given how excitable the Tigers fans are, it's not entirely implausible that they'll celebrate the end of the curse by throwing another effigy into a body of water. Or maybe they'll try to get their own back on Colonel Sanders by throwing into the River the closest lookalike they have of him - Randy Bass.

We might not be out of the woods yet.

UPDATE: They have found the lower half of Colonel Sanders! The miracles just won't stop coming!


Sly said...

hah. As you said; no excuses now. They better win.

Deas said...

Ha ha - I'd crack up if they threw another effigy in to celebrate the end of the Colonel Sanders Curse. I nominate Ronald McDonald, to keep with the fast food theme.

Zack said...

I saw the Colonel on TV today but had no idea what they were talking about. Thanks for sharing.