Thursday, 12 March 2009

DS Sales Have Passed "Loads", Now Up To "Shitloads"

Sales of the Nintendo DS have reached 100 million. It's been four years and three months since the DS first went onto the market, and now on average 1.5% of the world's population own one each. That's a frightening statistic given that you can guarantee there are almost none in either Africa or the Middle East. And it looks the DS isn't far from breaking the GameBoy record of 118 million sales.

I'd very much like to think that the people buying DS's are playing life-changing games like Ouendan 2 or Rune Factory or Phoenix Wright, but they're bound to be playing drivel like Nintendogs or Brain Training or whichever one of the literally countless games about ponies is popular at the moment. How can there be so many games about ponies? Seriously, who buys these games? What's gone so horribly wrong with the world that there are so many goddamn pony games? I know this wasn't the angle I started this blog-post with, but I'm on it now and it's infuriating me. It's probably best we move on quickly before this becomes another anti-pony-game rant. Those have lost me enough friends.

Here's a video of someone who's coded an iPod emulator for the DS! That's nice, isn't it?

And here's a thing about a man who made a tiny DS out of paper! How clever.

Right, have to go and bottle up some rage now. Don't talk to me about pony games.


Christina Martin said...

I just got a new DS case. Pink vinyl, with a green one-up mushroom on it and Japanese writing. It's a beauty!

Maxamilian said...

Pix plz!

Christina Martin said...

I'll take a photo this evening.

In the interim, this is ace:

Christina Martin said...

Et voila: