Thursday, 26 March 2009

Japan's National Colours On The Empire State Building! (ish)

The people who celebrated Japan's WBC victory mostly did so by drinking heavily. No doubt the Koreans also drank heavily that night, but not in celebration.

A reptile shop in Japan has decided that it's not enough to get drunk and shout at people in the streets, though. You've got to celebrate by giving back to your country in a display of appreciation. And that's why they're giving 30% off all reptile purchases!

In America, Japan's victory was celebrated by lighting the Empire State Building. They gave the top fraction of the building a kind of pinkish tint, and proudly announced they'd lit it with Japan's national colours.

Maybe both the Americans and the reptile shop should have just got drunk instead. It's certainly cheaper and more fun. Although, I'm not sure their ideas weren't rooted in drunkenness. So maybe less drinking.