Wednesday, 11 March 2009

UFO In Osaka

People often say to me, "Hey Max, have you ever seen a real UFO?" Well, up to this morning I was always able to say "No".

And I'm still able to say "No", because this is clearly not a UFO:

The people at the Real UFOs website posted this video a few weeks ago from the History Channel, suggesting that they probably think it shows a Real UFO. But it doesn't. It shows something that is either a Fake UFO, fabricated for people who believe any old light in the sky is a Real UFO, or more likely something that is entirely unrelated to UFOs, Real or Otherwise. It's probably something as mundane as a camera glitch, despite what the History Channel narrator and tense soundtrack would have you believe.

And how could aliens fly across space in a tiny ball of light anyway? Pffft, how absurd.


JoJo said...

I like how the line "This tape has never been released to the public. It has never been broadcast on television" implies that it's not been shown because the public CAN'T HANDLE IT or because it's a state secret.

No wait, I hate that. I hate it so goddamn much. And this is apparently what the History Channel chooses to show on its HD channel. Christ.