Saturday, 17 January 2009


Osaka is too cool for words. It's basically the Showbiz City of Japan, but instead of being shit like every other country's Showbiz City, it's actually too cool for words. Which is why I'm posting a video.

The YouTube description for the video says that, "Only in Japan can you find an entire city where you can walk up to just about anyone and say 'Bang' to get such a comedic response". And it's true. Whilst Osaka is known as the birthplace of most of the professional comedians in Japan, pretty much everyone there is friendly and has a great sense of humour. So it's not just the young people that respond in this video, it's also pensioners and businessmen, and they often respond before they even know it's being filmed.

Watch out for the guy at about 1.50 - he's my hero.


Christina Martin said...

Love this blog.
That video is awesome!
I adored Osaka.
Had lots of fun in Dotonbori:
Next time we go to Japan we are basing ourselves there or in Hiroshima.