Friday, 23 January 2009

Max's Vision Of The Apocalypse #3721

My List of Apocalypses is becoming unwieldy. I could make a sub-list of Robot Apocalypses that would total at least 200 entries. Recently something new has come to my attention and is going to have to go on that list: the imminent ascension to consciousness and inevitable betrayal of our security robots.

The BBC ran a story yesterday about a collaboration between Tmsuk Co (a robot company) and Alacom Co (a security company). In a leap of inspiration they have paired up to create security bots. The frightening thing is, they've called their prototype the T-34. Yep, they're using the same naming-system as the robots that go to war with Mankind in the Terminator films.

The T-34 [shudder] is equipped with motion sensors, and when it detects someone on the same floor as itself, it contacts its Master via their mobile-phone. The Master can then actually operate the T-34 [shudder] using their mobile-phone as a remote control. They will be able to move it around and fire a net at the human-target.

The most significant foretoken of our doom is the fact that they've forgotten to install a self-destruct command in the mobile-phone control system for the T-34 [shudder]. That specifically will be the mistake that kills us all.