Monday, 12 January 2009

Max's Vision Of The Apocalypse #3586-B

So it might have been a mistake to give the Clearest Portent Of The Apocalypse Award 2008 to the brain scientists after all - it's looking like Vision #3586 was closer to the mark.

This data was released by Spectrum IEEE in December, and shows that Japan leads the world in terms of robot density. Of course, we already knew this. What we didn't know is just how completely Japan outclasses the rest of the world. You can see from the chart. Look at it! They have almost twice as many robots as the runner-up, Singapore. And the robots they have are probably five years ahead of the robots they have anywhere else. You might have seen their AT-STs on here before. What if they were all like that? I know I'm not selling this Apocalypse very well, but just trust me - you need to be afraid.

Update: Ha! You didn't believe me, but look at this. This'll show you not to believe me. This'll show you good.

See? Farmers using robotic exoskeletons. They're not quite as sophisticated as Dr. Yoshiyuki's exoskeletons, but they are still turning Japanese farmers into Supermen. It's all going to go wrong. And that's you told.


Christina Martin said...

Robot density. Love it!
Found a Christian review of a Pokemon game which may amuse you:
"The new pokemon they become are usually larger, meaner, and nastier looking (an exception is a bug turning into a cocoon). This goes against God's law"

Max Felicitous said...

Thanks Christina, that's awesome!