Saturday, 3 January 2009

Speed Gamers - Final Score

The Speed Gamers that I blogged about a couple of months ago didn't succeed in catching 491 Pokemon in 72 hours like they claimed they would, ending their project with 429. I watched the videos of them playing live on their website, and while it was a noble aim they clearly just weren't up to the task. The guy who was playing FireRed whited out multiple times, once even at the Rival battle on the SS. Anne. That's an obligatory battle and everyone knows what his team is going to be, so to manage to lose at that stage is fairly baffling. I hope it was the same guy that played Ruby, because he was equally incompetent at battling. And we're not talking strategic errors here, we're talking actual elementary battling errors, like not knowing the type-chart. That's fairly unforgivable. Also, they guy playing Diamond chose Torterra for his complete play-through instead of Infernape, which is ludicrous.

Their project did raise $5929 for an Autism charity though, which was apparently what the whole thing was for. They wanted to raise at least $5000, and while that's a nice gesture it's still something of a consolation prize. How do you white out from a Rival battle? That's just plain embarrassing.