Saturday, 10 January 2009

Get Ready To Have Your Mind Blown

As Japanese scientists ask the inevitable question, "If we can get Freddie Mercury spinning in his grave fast enough, will we be able to power a kind of zero carbon-emissions turbine-engine?", comedians help out by ramping up the RPMs.

Still, I think this is very funny, in a gratuitous and anarchic sort of way. And it's no worse than the surviving members of Queen and Ben Elton have done to the man's memory. At least this was all in the spirit of good fun, and not shameless profiteering.

See, people who complain about Japanese TV just aren't watching the right programmes.


Christina Martin said...

I love J TV!

I feel I owe you a decent youtube clip by way of recompense.


Max Felicitous said...

Yay, thanks! I've wanted to do a blog post on bunraku-kuroko stuff for a while now, and that clip is definitely going to go in it.