Saturday, 24 January 2009

Possible Pokemon Generation V Names!

"Holy shit!!" That's what I thought when I read the Bulbapedia headline "Possible Generation V Names", that I then stole in order to attempt to provoke the same reaction in you. What the headline actually referred to was Nintendo's recent trademark registrations.

Nintendo have re-registered all the Gen I names: Pokemon Red, Pokemon Green, Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Yellow. But they've also registered the new names Pokemon Black, Pokemon White, Pokemon Brown, Pokemon Gray, Pokemon Purple, Pokemon Crimson and Pokemon Scarlet.

This doesn't mean that these names will definitely be used for games. As Bulbapedia point out, Nintendo have registered lots of names in the past that never made it to production, such as Pokemon Opal. They also speculate that Nintendo may be registering these names so that they can discourage bootlegs, hacks and pirate versions of their games.

Still, Pokemon Crimson sounds like an epic game.


Anonymous said...

Yeah well, it doesn't exactly matter what the names are as long as the games are good. There are gonna be lot more generations, you can bet on it. All this crap about Pokemon getting over with Gen 4 - that's total shit.